Instagram Marketing and Growth Hacking


Identify Target Audience

Find the Instagram audience you want to target whether its people posting a certain hashtag, people posting at a specific location or people following your competitor's account


Download Audience

Use Picodash to download the users to a spreadsheet, you can download someone's followers, users for an hashtag, location or users who have liked/commented on a specific post.


Engage and Grow

Identify which users you want to engage based on their bio or follower counts or based on how many likes they get. You can either follow, like or comment to get their attention.

Identify Target Audience

Find the Instagram audience you want to target based on your business. There are various ways to find your target audience, you can use Instagram app to search for target audience.
  1. Hashtag based audience: You can get list of users who have recently posted on Instagram using an hashtag the relates to your business or identity, like for example #fitness or #vegan or #fashion
  2. Location based audience: You can also get a list of users who have recently posted at a specific location, this could be a competitor's restaurant or business that you want to potentially target.
  3. Followers or Following: One of the best ways to find your target audience is to get the users who are following your competitor's accounts or accounts similar to your identity.
  4. Likers and Commenters: You can find the most engaged audience by exporting likes and comments from a relavent Instagram post.

Download Instagram Profiles to Spreadsheet

You can use Picodash to download large amounts of users to spreadsheet and use it to analyze and then engage. We allow you to select a type of Instagram data and download as spreadsheet, you can download a list of followers, list of users who used an hashtag or list of users who have liked a photo. You can also find the target audience you need from our list of over 6 million Instagram influencers.

  1. Select Export:
  2. Enter username/hashtag
  3. Confirm and make payment
  4. Wait for email with download link

Engage and Grow your Followers

Once you have the list of users you want to target, you can analyze the users and decide on the most effective way to engage with the users.
  1. Like: Users who have less the 1000 followers tend to pay attention to who is liking their posts, by liking their posts you may be able to get them to check your profile.
  2. Comment: Making a comment on user's posts will definitely get a user's attention and is a great opportunity to initiate a conversation.
  3. Follow: Follow an interesting accounts, you may also get a follow back from them.
  4. Direct Message: Instagram Direct Messaging is also a good option but note that they may not get a push notification if they dont already follow you.
  5. Email: Some users put their email in bio, Picodash exports any public or business email address to the spreadsheet so you can add them to you email marketing campaigns or outreach.

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