Export Instagram Followers to Spreadsheet

Export any Instagram User followers, User posts or Hashtag posts to spreadsheet (CSV) and open in Excel or Google Sheets.

Just give us the hashtag or username and we will export data to spreadsheet and email you for a fee.

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What data can be exported to spreadsheet?

Followers Export (Basic)


Followers Export (Detailed)

Data items in bold will be available in exported spreadsheet, others may be blank if user has not added.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost more to export detailed info than basic info?

Exporting data is a long and time consuming task, exporting Instagram detailed info takes longer time and has to be done one by one, so it costs 10X more than basic info, basic info export is faster.

What if I want only followers count in detailed info export?

It does not matter if you just want one item in the detailed info list, it will still cost same as getting full detailed info. You will get all the data mentioned in the detailed info.

How long will it take to export the data?

Below are some approximate times for exporting posts data:
  • Basic info, 100000 - about 1 day
  • Detailed info, 10000 - about 1 day

How do I open the exported CSV file?

You can open the exported CSV file in either Google Sheets online or use Microsoft Excel.

You can also use our Export Viewer to view csv and filter for data.

Can I export any User's followers?

Yes, as long as the user's profile not set to private, we can export followers, following and posts.

Can I get the email and contact information of exported users?

Instagram does not give email and contact information of regular public users. However some users put their email in the bio description, we extract the email if it is available in the bio and add it to a column in the spreadsheet. Also if the Instagram user as setup a business account then there may be email and other contact information publicly available, this will be exported.

Can I get the gender and location of exported users?

No, Instagram does not give gender and location of users because of privacy and other GDPR policies, the public bio is available and some users may mention their location in it, you can filter the bio for location information.

What can I do with the data exported?

Below are examples of how some of our customers use the data:
  • Backup your posts, followers and following
  • Analyze your followers, understand your audience or find out how influential they are
  • Analyze your competitor's followers or following list and engage with them
  • Analyze Bio and find influencers

NOTE: The exported data is for research or analysis purpose. It is not recommended to repost media that does not belong to you, instead you are encouraged to use the embed code to repost Instagram posts elsewhere, this will give full credit and attribution to the Instagram content's owner.