Export Instagram Data to Spreadsheet beta

Export any Instagram User posts, Hashtag posts or User followers to CSV file and open in Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Just give us the hashtag or username and we will export data to spreadsheet and email you for a fee

Request Data Export

Note that if you want to export 1000 or so followers/posts, you can export it for FREE by scrolling/loading all posts and selecting "Export Data" option from the menu.
This "Data Request" option is for exporting large amount of data (1000 to millions)

Analyze your followers and find out who your audience are.

Download complete data set for your hashtag campaign and analyze most engaged users or most liked posts...

What data can be exported to spreadsheet?

  • Instagram Posts of any User
  • Instagram Posts for any Hashtag
  • Follower list
  • Following list
  • Data for Instagram Posts

    The data items listed below will be exported for each post, when exporting hashtag posts or user posts:

    Data for Followers/Following

    The data items listed below will be exported for each user when exporting followers or following:

    How it works?

    1. Select Export:
    2. Enter username/hashtag
    3. Confirm and make one time payment

    Data will be available for download within 24 hours

    Export Now

    Email info@picodash.com with any question


    Less than 100,000 followers/posts
    Less than 1,000,000 followers/posts
    Less than 2,500,000 followers/posts
    More than 2,500,000 followers/posts
    Email Us

    NOTE: The exported data is for research or analysis purpose. It is not recommended to repost media that does not belong to you, instead you are encouraged to use the embed code to repost Instagram posts elsewhere, this will give full credit and attribution to the Instagram content's owner.