What can you do with picodash?

Picodash BASIC

Search Instagram #hashtags, location and users

Search by date/time for location and user posts

Search Instagram posts around any city

Sort and Filter by likes and comments

Filter by language and keyword

Like and Comment on posts

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Picodash PRO

Analytics and Timeline Stats for Instagram Users

Insights for your Instagram Business Account

Twitter Photo Search by keyword and location

Easy Access Side Panel for managing and monitoring searches

Curate Search Results and Build Collection

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Best for Individuals and Students
Search and Explore
Email Support
Instagram Search
3 Day Free Trial

Best for Brands, Marketing Agencies and Journalists
Search, Explore, Analyze and Manage
Email + Phone Support
Instagram Search
Twitter Search
Instagram Profile Insights
Instagram User Analytics
Manage Searches and Curate Content

Instagram Search and Explore BASIC PRO

Useful for marketing agencies and brands to search relavent hashtags, users and location posts to target Instagram user and engage with them. Like and Comment on posts, Follow or Unfollow users. Useful for Journalists and Media companies to search hashtag, location specific and date/time specific Instagram posts. [DEMO VIDEO]

Twitter Search and Explore PRO

Useful for journalists to find realtime breaking news photo content posted on Twitter since most users prefer posting breaking news content on Twitter over Instagram. [DEMO VIDEO]

Insights for Instagram Business Accounts PRO

Allows you to track detailed engagement metrics for your Instagram business account, track the click conversion on profile actions buttons for Email, Phone, Directions or Website button. You can measure impact of posts by tracking follower growth and profile views after posting photo or video. Useful for analyzing growth performance metrics and click conversion for your Instagram account. [DEMO VIDEO]

Analytics and Timeline Stats for Instagram Users PRO

Allows you to instantly analyze any Instagram user and get analytics like most used hashtags, most tagged users, year over year likes per posts, timeline of countries visited and dates, top liked and commented posts and more. Useful for Brands and marketing Agencies to get analytics and growth performance timeline stats for any Instagram Profile. Useful for analyzing performance metrics for client accounts and competition. [DEMO VIDEO]

Curate Search Results and Build Collection PRO

Allows you to search for posts and add all interesting posts to a collection and export to spreadsheet. Useful for Media companies and Journalists to search and curate Instagram and Twitter posts. [DEMO VIDEO]

Manage and Monitor Customer Attributes PRO

Allows you to save hashtags, users or locations that are frequently monitored to an easy to access side panel. Useful for Marketing Agencies and Journalists to manage client accounts and search results. Allows you to easily access frequently visited user profiles and searches. [DEMO VIDEO]

Search by Location

Search and find photos with geo-location information

Get real-time user posts from any location on map

Set any search radius on map and get targeted results

Filter photos at any location

Filter location feed within any date/time range

Search Hashtags

Search and monitor any Instagram posts by #hashtag

Visualize #hashtag posts on a map

Filter #hashtag searches by any keyword

Search multiple #hashtags

Filter #hashtag feed with second #hashtags

Browse Instagram Places

View all posts at any business or venue

Search locations that have Instagram posts

Manage posts tagged to your business location

View Google streetview for the location

Sort by likes and filter by like count

Filter location feed within any date/time range

Browse Instagram Users

Analyze your Instagram followers and posts

Analyze what #hashtags are used by an user

Engage your followers via comments or likes

Manage your customers

Analyze your users' following or followers and get stats

Sort posts by likes or number of comments/likes

Visualize user posts on a map

View Photos and Videos

View high resolution photos or videos

Share photos to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest

Get all photo metadata, comments, likes and attribution

Export all photo and video data for analysis

Translate captions and comments to any language

Get iframe <embed> code to easily add authorized photo to blog or website

Instagram Search Engine

Search Instagram #hashtags

Search Instagram users

Search Instagram locations

Search Instagram posts by location

Filter any feed by comment/like count

Filter any feed by keywords

Filter any feed by date/time range

Geo-locate any post on a map


Instagram User Analytics

Get detailed stats for any Instagram User

Top liked and top commented posts

Timeline chart for likes and comments

Top tagged users, hashtags and tagged locations

Timeline of countries visited by user

Analyze Stats for custom date ranges


Instagram Profile Insights

Get metrics for your Instagram business account

Get Profile Views, New Followers gained and Impressions

Get website, email, directions or phone call button click counts

Get Impressions vs engagement for your Posts and Stories

Get Like score metric for posts


Twitter Photo Search

Find breaking news Twitter photos

Search Twitter hashtags and keywords

Search by location for Twitter Photos

Search content for up to last 7 days

Visualize user posts on a map


Search and Curate

Search and add selected posts to a collection

Manage collection, add or remove posts

Export all posts from collection to spreadsheet


Management Panel

Easy access side panel

Add your customer accounts for easy access

Add frequently visited hashtags searches

Save location searches

How are people using picodash?

Social Media Management

  • Manage Instagram posts, comments and likes from your desktop
  • Search and follow new Instagram users
  • Login with multiple accounts and easily switch between them to comment or like posts using different accounts
  • Filter and manage posts for any #hashtag campaigns

Find Breaking News Social Media Posts

  • Search for location and time of breaking news
  • Search and curate all interesting posts from incident
  • Filter out photos and videos posted within a time range
  • Filter for keywords, hashtags and specific language
  • Read comments and engage with users.

Crime Scene Investigation and Journalism

  • Filter and isolate posts within a specific date/time range or geo-location on map
  • Search user posts for any real-time events happening around the world
  • Find and aggregate users posts for any #hashtag
  • Find user generated content and easily <embed> in your blog or story

Get Started
Get Engagement metrics and Profile click conversions for your Instagram Business Accounts. Get metrics for any specified day or week. Get insights for your posts and stories. Download high-resolution images or videos for your stories and posts.
Get Stats and Analytics for any Instagram User, Top liked posts, Top Commented posts, Most tagged users, hashtags and locations. Countries visited by user and engagement growth timeline stats.
Save frequently accessed accounts and searches to side panel and access them easily with one click. Search and curate interested posts to a collection and export them to spreadsheet.
You will not be charged for the first 3 days even though it says Pay $8 when registering, you will only be charged on the 4th day. You can cancel within 3 days and no charges will be applied.