What is Picodash?

Picodash is an advanced Instagram search engine and social media management tool to help Brands, Publishers and Journalists search and analyze Instagram content by location, hashtags and places.

Who uses Picodash?

Journalists use Picodash to search Instagram photos/videos of breaking news around the world to embed in news articles or for research and analysis purpose.

Investigators and Researchers use Picodash to search for social media content at any location of interest at any date/time or to search and analyze users.

Brands and Social Media Marketing Agencies use Picodash to engage with their customers to comment, like, follow people, monitor hashtags and analyze followers.

Businesses use Picodash to analyze their followers and to monitor Instagram photos/videos posted at their location and competitors locations to engage with potential customers.

What are the differences between Picodash and Instagram?

Instagram is an app that allows users to create and post photos/videos, discover people to follow, like/comment on posts and message people.

Picodash is focused on providing search and analysis capabilities for Instagram Content. Picodash allows searching Instagram posts by date/time range, location, hashtags, places or users. Picodash has advanced capabilities for filtering Instagram posts by language, places, keywords, hashtags and more. Picodash also allows analyzing yours followers, visualize posts on map and get heatmap of Instagram activity.

The complete comparison of features can be accessed here:
Instagram vs Picodash

Payment and Subscription

Do I need a credit card to get started?

Yes, you have to enter your credit card details to signup and get started with free trial. You will not be charged $8 until the end of first 3 days (even though it says "Pay $8" when entering payment info)

You can cancel within the 3 days and no charges will be applied. If you do not cancel within 3 days, you will be charged $8 on 4th day.

Is the payment secure?

Yes, Picodash website uses SSL (a secure encrypted link) and we use Stripe payment service, who handle all credit card transactions, no credit card information and personal information is stored on our servers, Stripe specializes in payment transactions and they make sure your personal information is secure.

Why Paid Subscription?

As of June 1st 2016, new Instagram API Platform changes apply to 3rd-party Instagram apps, Instagram does not allow permission for 3rd-party apps to display public Instagram content to just anyone accessing the app, apps/services have to focus on use cases the help to brands and publishers. So, to comply with Instagram terms we have to focus on providing service to businesses, brands and publishers with paid subscription. General public wanting to access Instagram should use or Instagram app.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login with your subscribed Instagram account, select Settings → Modify → Cancel and confirm.

This will cancel any future charges and your account will still work until the end of the current subscription period.

How do I change the Instagram account linked to a paid subscription?

Currently there is no direct way to change the Instagram account linked to the paid subscription, you can subscribe again with the new Instagram account and cancel subscription for the old Instagram account, and then request a refund for the canceled account by emailing

Features and Capabilities

Can I login with multiple Instagram accounts?

Yes, once you have subscribed for an Instagram account, you can further add 9 more Instagram accounts to it and easily switch between accounts.

When logging on a different computer make sure you login with your primary Instagram account that was used to pay and subscribe, and then add other Instagram accounts. Every time you logout or login on new computer, you have add accounts again.

Can I search an #hashtag posted at a specific location?

No, Instagram currently does not allow searching hashtags only from a specific location.

Searching for an hashtag will display posts from all over the world starting with the most recent post, you can check the locations from where the posts are coming by clicking on the "MAP" filter button and it will visualize the posts on a map only for the posts loaded on the screen (not all available hashtag posts).

If the hashtag searched has a few hundred to thousand posts then you can scroll and load all posts and then visualize on MAP and can see exactly where the hashtag posts are coming from. If its a popular hashtag with hundreds of thousand or more posts, then it is not really possible to load all posts on screen and visualize.

Can I search an #hashtag for specific date/time range?

No, Instagram currently does not allow searching by date/time for hashtag posts.

Searching for an hashtag will display posts starting with the most recent post. Searching for specific date/time range is possible when searching for a user or location page or location search, but not possible for hashtag search.

However, you can request an export of all posts for the #hashtag you are searching, the exported spreadsheet will have all posts along with date, location, caption, user info and photo URLs, you can use this to filter out by a specific date range. Here is a sample spreadsheet of how the exported data will look like.

Can I search posts with two or more hashtags?

No, Instagram currently does not allow searching multiple hashtags at the same time.

You can only search for a single hashtag and Picodash will display posts starting with the most recent post, however you can filter the displayed posts with a second hashtag by selecting one from the "Search by Keyword #" filter, this filter will display just the posts that have both the hashtags.

For example you can search for #hiking and load a few thousand posts on screen, you can then use the "Filter by Keyword #" dropdown to filter by a second hashtag say #mountain. This will show the most recent posts that have both #hiking and #mountain in the thousand or so displayed posts.