Picodash helps you with Tools, Data, Analytics and Marketing Services to help grow your Brand, Social Media Presence and Outreach Marketing


Picodash was formerly called Gramfeed, an Instagram Search and Viewer for the desktop started in early 2011. For five years Gramfeed enabled over 10 million users to experience Instagram on the web. In June of 2016, Gramfeed was transitioned to Picodash to comply with the new Instagram Platform policy and was reviewed/approved by Instagram. Picodash focused on providing Social Media Management and advanced Instagram search functionality to help Journalists, Researchers, Publisher and Brands to curate and manage Instagram content. In April 2018, due to the depreciation of Instagram APIs, Picodash is now focused on providing tools, analytics and marketing services that help you to find influencers and target audience to grow your Instagram brand presence and increase revenue.


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Picodash uses Instagram's data and APIs, please checkout Instagram's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Picodash is dependent on Instagram's API and will work as long as Instagram service is available.

Picodash service is for social media management, research and analysis purpose. It is not recommended to download Instagram content from Picodash and repost the content that does not belong to you, instead you are encouraged to use the embed code to display Instagram posts elsewhere, this will give full credit and attribution to the Instagram content's owner.

You must not use Picodash service in unauthorized means, including but not limited to, script, bot or scraper to automate following, liking or commenting.